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Bubble Shooter is a casual game of the marble popper genre with elements of puzzle and shooter.

  Play Bubble Shooter Games! Bubble Shooter Games is a very fun game!
How To Play:
A rainbow wall of spheres is cascading down the board. Aim a barrage of ballistic bubbles at the descending orbs to match and remove them, until every last colorful cluster is popped! 1. Move your mouse left or right to aim a colored bubble, then click to launch it. Bubbles will bounce off the side of the board, but stick to any other bubble they hit. Make clusters of three same-colored bubbles to pop them! 2. When you remove a cluster of bubbles, any non-matching bubbles attached to the bottom of the cluster will be popped as well. So aim high on the board, if you have a clear shot. 3. New rows of bubbles will be added as you play. Don’t let them reach the bottom of the board, or it’s Game Over!
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